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One bear for the planet

Charlie My Bear, A Family Story

Brussels, July 2017 at a cafe’ table

Sitting with Patrick Vossen outside this famous traditional coffee shop. We have one hour to spare before going for dinner somewhere.

Brussel’s dusk is falling slowly on the square. There, I reckon is, the first time I heard Patrick talking about “The Bear”. “One nice thing I want to make for the Axis71 collection is the bear”

“A “Bear ”? “Yeah, a big white bear, a big one.”

“What do we need a bear for? Then, why a bear indeed?

“It is a giant object, something to embody the character of the brand. It is symbolic. A kind of Ambassador.”

I always listen carefully to ideas that seem irrational. I believe in the gift to say strange things from time to time, is to be considered a sign of sanity. I’m thinking about “The Bear” and a whole world opens be fore my eyes…

A wonderful Adventure…


There are about 20,000 surviving polar bears in the world.

They are among the most endangered animal species affected by climate change. Year after year, their frozen environment is reduced, forcing them to sometimes move to human settlements.

It is time to act now, to protect our bears and preserve our planet for the generation to come.

Participate and repopulate the world with our Bear “Charlie” by getting yours right now !

Charlie My Bear supports Pairi Daiza Foundation by donating 3% of the revenues deriving from the bear sales to Pairi Daiza Foundation.

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Mum Charlie

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Baby Charlie

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Made in Belgium


Custom colors on request (only RAL colors)


can be used Inside or outside


Save the planet

After receiving your order by mail, and after receiving your payment,
we deliver directly, the amount of the transport costs are standard for all Belgium and Luxembourg.

After receiving your order by mail, an offer of transport costs will be made and communicated.

After receiving your approval, and after receiving your payment,
we deliver directly.

Yes, but necessarily in the colors RAL.

Yes, it is an article that is made for/ and that resists being outside and inside.

Yes, we decided to support the foundation, we are in the process with their values.

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